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ODM            SSD Solid State Drive                   DRAM memory

OEM             Portable Solid State Drive           Memory Card

  • Shenzhen Chuangshi Feida Technology Co.,Ltd.operates ODM 、OEM 、SSDsolid-state drive,DRAM memory,PSSD solid-state drive,U disk,memory cardand other storage products,domestic trade OEM,international trade OEM.Adhering to the business philosophy of professionalism,efficiency,innova-tion and service,and cutting-edge technical team,laboratory and manufac-turing equipment,with strong vertical integration capabilities of productdesign,raw material acquisition,production process and quality inspection,with the help of upstream chips and DRAM resources,leading the industry tolaunch the latest memory modules.
  • Mastering the upstream chips and DRAM resources,and working closely withYMTC,combined with own precision equipment processing factory and ISOproduction standard system,it ensures the excellent quality and performanceof product production.

OEM.ODM product line







Fast and efficient service system

Shenzhen Chuangshi Feida Technology Co.,Ltd.masters NAND andDRAM resources,and has close cooperation with Samsung,Hynix,Micron and other chip manufacturers,combined with the compa-ny’s own precision equipment processing factory and ISO produc-tion standard system,to ensure product production.Excellentquality and performance.

◆Own Factory Production

Quality with after-services Guarantee

◆Closly work with SSD master technology

SSD master control

technology guarantee

◆ Cooperated with massive OEM factory

SSD supply is stable

◆ Closly cooperated with original DRAM/SSD Chips factorys

RAM/SSD Resources Guarantee

Quality Managemen

Material selection
  1. Professional master controlchip solution
  2. High quality Flash particles
  3. Professional industry-levelelectronic parts
Product customization
  1. Customizable BOM processing
  2. Corresponding industry market PCBA design
  3. Software customization service
Test verification
  1. High and low temperatureRDT/BIT test
  2. High and low temperature DATARETETION test
  3. Industrial control platformequipment compatibility testverification.
Production technology
  1. Professional SMT
  2. High temperature reflowsoldering
  3. AOl
  4. Vibration test
Quality inspection
  1. Chuangshi Feida SemiconductorProfessional Inspection Specifi-cations
  2. Strictly control each link ofQA/QC/FQC/OQC
Professional team
  1. Professional team
  2. Regular product professionaltraining and assessment

After-sales and R&D

Dedicated R&D spirit

Chuangshi Feida has the spirit of insisting on innovative research and development and strictly adheres to product quality control.It has introduced cutting-edge technical teams,laboratories and manufacturing equipment,and hasstrong vertical integration capabilities in product design,raw material acquisition,production process,and quality inspec-tion.Only then can be field-leader and introduces latest memory modules.


Chuangshi Feida adheres to the business philosophy of integrity,innovation,professionalism,efficiency,focus and service,and provides comprehensive warranty services for all series of Chuangshi Feida products to strengthen customer service.The speed of repair and replacement is better than other brands,and the fastest The speed of the product is delivered to every customer in the world,and it has won the support and praise of the industry and consumers.

Chuangshi Feida storage products are sold all over theworld with high reputation.


Japan,South Korea,Vietnam,India Thailand,Pakistan,Malaysia,Iran etc.


Germany,France,Austria,United Kingdom,Netherlands,Spain, Poland,Sweden,Denmark,Greece,Portugal etc.



Peru etc.


New Zealand and others


South Africa,Egypt and others.