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Shenzhen Chuangshi Feida Technology Co., Lto

We has been deeply involvecin the semiconductor storage industry for more than 10 years, and has fully entered the research and development and productionof SSD products.Derlar as our consumer brand, continuously enlarges its product range, aims to represent our company policy and to meet market needs.So far, it has cooperated with Wel-known manufacturer and other related enterprises and institutions, and hasachieved a nice reputation.

We always puts guality in the most important position through strictly guality controls procedure. and all products have passed FCcCE, ROHS etc international certification authorities. lt has adhered to the technology-driven independent innovation route and hasachieved many technical patents such as SSD etc,DRAM memory and has many business range such as OEM.ODM & chip trade.business groups such as OEM, ODM, chip trading, and product brands.

It has strong production capacity, more than 100 employees, and a factory area of nearly 5,000 square meters. The factory has passedISO9001,IS014000 quality system certification, and more than 200 product models fully cover various storage product series to meet thedifferent needs of global users.Taiwan Semiconductor Storage Advanced production testing in the industry combined with independentinnovative production process to ensure pipeline products: the product concept of high guality, batch, consistency and excelence quarantees high product quality.

We has an excelent management team, and is equipped with professionals from product selection, desian, reearch and developmentevaluation, production, quality inspection and others, so as to ensure that customers are 100% satisfied and assured of their products.

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